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Default Re: Joe C. Please fire Sherri NOW....

Originally Posted by Speedy17 View Post
Joe C. has not fired anyone who has been at OU for 20+ years. However, he really needs to convince Sherri that her best role is as public relations specialist for the athletic department. She needs to take the path of Marita Hynes.
The most senior head coach I know of Castiglione firing are wrestling coach Jack Spates volleyball coach Santiago Restrepo although both were allowed to resign instead. Spates was at OU as head coach for 18 seasons and Restrepo 14 seasons. Some say that Spates actually resigned and was not fired. Some say otherwise.

I do know the insiders that wrestled for Robertson, Evans and Abel in the '50's, '60's and '70's strongly wanted Spates gone. Was Spates fired or resigned? Who knows. Although Spates has remained closely associated with OU and the sport.
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