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Default Re: Joe C. Please fire Sherri NOW....

Originally Posted by soonermike22 View Post
K ST Starters
Goth-Sr-3 year letterman
P Williams Jr 2 year letterman
Renke So 1 year letterman
Jones Sr 1 year letterman JC transfer
Lee freshman
Ray Soph 1 year letterman
Macke Fr
Beard Jr Transfer from UTRGV
That is NOT a young team. There is a lot to ***** about this years team, but at least get the facts straight. We don't have the height or experience to compete, but the players that played, played hard. Now if they can learn to play smart.

I was quoting the ANNOUNCERS from yesterday. Several times they said K-State also had a YOUNG team, so crap on them lol (still doesnít matter as every time they did something bad like give up a layup etc he called a timeout immediately and chewed them out = good coaching vs. Sherri not caring). Still doesnít change the fact that Sherri is terrible now and should be fired or resign asap. It doesnít take long for anyone to see this, except her I guess. Iím shocked that anyone can defend her, she has driven this program from oblivion to final four to oblivion again. And she needs to GO. So there are your facts LOL.
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