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Default Joe C. Please fire Sherri NOW....

She has LOST it and doesnít care. These youngins are worse as the year goes on. 5 years of sucky teams and no sign of her having a clue of how to coach.

Sure she USED to coach well but not now. She has ONE player who can shoot and she canít or wonít set a screen to get her a shot. None of the other players are top level D-1 quality. They donít know how to pass or how to run a play or how to hit a layup or free throws..... the list goes on and on. That is on the coach. Save 1 million per year and pay someone $200,000 per year and you would easily get what is being put out there now and probably more. She can take all the money OU has put in her pocket and go teach English in high school.

What a sorry excuse for a coach and program now. The ultimate resting on your laurels story. What was there 500 fans in the stands today? No one cares anymore it is like it was when she came here.

K-State has a young team and twice when they screwed up there coach called an immediate time out and chewed their butts - because he Cares. Their young team whipped our young team on our floor.

What a sad place Sherri has allowed our program to go back to
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