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Default Re: Magic Johnson as a General Manager

Originally Posted by WTSooner View Post
Please show me one article/report/tweet that says Hayward is a cry baby?

Irving? Sure. Boston fans have hated the way he's been all season. Dude isn't a leader. Isn't an alpha. Doesn't play team ball. That is why MOST Celtics' fans want Ainge to just let him walk (or trade him). Rozier, Brown, Tatum.....all had issues playing with Irving this year. It's no coincidence the team went on a playoff run last year without him.

But Hayward? The only thing I've heard about him is that some of the team didn't like that he was handed a starting spot to begin the season, when he clearly wasn't back to 100%. But that isn't on Hayward, and certainly doesn't make him a cry baby.

There were definitely clubhouse issues this year. That is why I think there is really only two options. You either let Kyrie walk, and build around the rest of the roster, or you keep Kyrie and move a bunch of other guys that weren't happy playing with him. Personally, I don't see Boston winning a championship with Kyrie (probably not even with Kyrie and Davis), so I'd prefer we just move on from him. Probably means taking a small step back next year, but I'm fine with that.

Maybe crybaby wasn't the right word for either player, but it's obvious the young guys weren't connecting with Kyrie or Hayward. I follow numerous NBA reporters on IG, and the consensus is the players don't wanna play with Kyrie. Not 100% an indictment of Hayward or Kyrie, but it sounds similar to what LA dealt with trying to integrate LBJ with a bunch of young players. Boston's young guys know they made it farther last yr without either of those guys, so they felt some resentment towards management for making everything about those 2 players. We all know it can be a coaching or management decision, but the players still develop animosity for each other.

Most Celtic fans enjoyed watching the Lakers struggle this year, and enjoyed the every day reports about LBJ and the young kids not getting along, and the same things were going on in Boston, which is common in most locker rooms today. It's the climate of current professional athletes and the me first, all about me mentality. Kyrie should have remained with LBJ in Cleveland. He's a great talent, but not a leader. From what I've heard about Hayward he is a pretty good guy and teammate. I believe he gave up on Utah to soon....
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