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Originally Posted by Oliver Hardy View Post
I think I will.

Norm's board is far more informative and Spock and other informed, knowledgeable nice folks are over there and none of us EVER have a hard letter, let alone harsh words.

IMHO, Syb has destroyed this board for all practical purposes. There is nothing really informative here that I don't read a week before on Norm's site or other non-partisan boards.

So, SO LONG. I know none of you will grieve and neither will I. You guys can hang around here and kiss Syb's fanny all you want to. He's a miserable, arrogant know-it-all who is condescending and rude and I'm rude back because of it.

As Ron White laments, "You Can't Fix Stupid!" And stupid is about all that 95 percent of the posters here provide.

Toda ustedes pueden besar mi culo!
I'd like to check it out! What's the name or can you send a link?!
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