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Originally Posted by Sweetest OU Girl View Post
Then why have you and others constantly downgraded Sherri by saying the reason we did not win several National Championships when Courtney was here is because she did not bring in other players who were good enough to support her play?

And now you are claiming she was surrounded by "teammates who were great scorers"?

You can't have it both ways.

It would seem you just want to disparage OU's players and coaches. If you dislike the OU women, move on and give positive support to a team you actually like and appreciate.
If you spent half as much time in defending the team you claim to support, posters here might actually believe you're an OU fan. You're all over any mention of ............., but rarely say anything good about the Sooners. Even when you do, you're quick to throw in a backhanded positive to dilute its impact.
...They are never around to support the team during good times but they never miss an opportunity to complain.
Some people think being negative makes them sound like an expert.
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