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Default TCU at OU

Saturday, 4:30.

Everyone has an event on Saturday.

Men's basketball: 1:00 Sat West Virginia at OU

Don't leave the game.

Baseball: 1:00 Columbia at OU weather permitting

Softball: 2:00 Louisiana at OU
Softball: 4:30 Oregon State at OU, again, weather permitting

Rudy's Barbecue

---first Sooner to score 20+ points in six straight games
---I saw this earlier. Sherri verified it. Even Courtney and Stacy didn't.
---Advantage: scores from three, jumpers, layups, and free throws.
---Defensively, she covered the opposition's best player.
----Held Tynice Martin to 22 on 6 of 17. Only one of seven from three
----Meanwhile, Ana had 26 on 10 of 17, 4 of 8.
----Held Vivian Gray to 8 of 20, no threes, 17 points
----Meanwhile, Ana was 7-19, 3-8, and 9-9 from the line for 26.
----They covered Taylor with Gray which did wear her out on defense.

Jessi has come into her own as a point guard. It was also important that in each game, Mandy hit some early baskets to force them to cover her.

Was asked about Shaina. "She's doing all right. She's doing OK." I think that is an exact quote. No concern demonstrated. No tip-off of anything else going on.

Said that Ana took the lead and the freshmen followed her like little paper dolls. They needed a leader. Once someone began to score and take charge, it opened it up for everyone. Said Ana had been on the verge for some time. Just stepped up. Likes the way they are playing now.

TCU? Said we played horribly at TCU. Did everything "crazy." We will play better. TCU does have height and mobility in Moore. They are 9-7 in conference, 19-8 overall. Beat Iowa State and Kansas State once each. We didn't.

6-3 Sr Jordan Moore 18.62, 8.15 reb, 65 blocks
6-2 Sr Amy Okonkwo12.96, 5.63 reb
6-1 Jr Kianna Ray 10.7. 108 assists
6-1 Jr Jayde Woods
5-9 Soph Lauren Heard 88 assists

Right now, we are slightly better from three and from the line. They are slightly better rebounders. They are better shot blockers.

They are juniors and seniors, and they move the ball well, getting a lot of shots underneath. Moore, Okonkwo, and Ray are pretty good.
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