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Default Re: OU football offseason updates

Both of these updates are from Eric Bailey...

OU notebook: What's competition been like to replace Austin Seibert at kicker and punter?

Jay Boulware may have one of the toughest jobs on Oklahoma’s staff this season.

The special teams coordinator has to replace Austin Seibert, who handled all aspects of the Sooners’ kicking game the past three seasons.

“Those guys have been working hard all summer and been training like the rest of the team,” Boulware said. “While the rest were doing seven-on-seven and all that stuff, they were doing kicking and snapping and holding and stuff like that. You can tell that that work has gotten them to this point where they came into camp ready to go and not having to build up to that point. I’m really excited about what those guys can do.

“They haven’t played, (so) you don’t know what they are going to do when the lights come on. But from what I’m seeing in practice, we should be OK in that area.”
Lincoln Riley says a three-man competition — including five-star recruit Spencer Rattler — continues for quarterback spot

The history of Riley’s past two quarterback announcements: In 2015, Baker Mayfield was named the starter Aug. 24. Last season, Kyler Murray was the starter on Aug. 22.

The evaluation process is pretty deep, Riley said. He looks at drill work but pays special attention to the competitive portion of practices.

Stats during competitive sessions are helpful, he said, but not exclusive to what he’s looking for out of his starting quarterback.

“It’s a feel of who’s not only playing well and completing passes and doing their job well, but who’s running the group well. Who’s handling the group? Who’s communicating well? Who’s got poise when something doesn’t go right?” Riley said. “There’s so much that goes into it.

“So first, we stat our guys out — we’ve got a lot of different metrics to measure them. But also we don’t get away from kind of our gut feels of being around them. … We know what it looks like when it’s right.”
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