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Default Re: Season Stats - Interesting Information

Originally Posted by sybarite View Post
Third: yes, they are taller than us
Fourth: no, they are not faster
Fifth: no, we are probably more athletic than all except Baylor and Texas

They have experience, players who have developed in a system mostly, which enables those who are new to blend in. We don't. We might weli beat Texas, and lose to Kansas at home. We have no idea what we will get with this group. We probably were the better team last night for 30 of the forty minutes. We were horrible in ten. Green allows them to score in bunches before we adjust.

I think Sherri has a vision of what the future will be, largely a team without Keilani Browns. There just aren't that many. Who else has one? Baylor has two, one by absolute luck of birth. From now on, there probably won't be the huge pickups like that. Texas may be more like what you can get, or UConn, or Notre Dame. Madi and Liz may be the model of the next interior if they can get anyone of size to be in the middle, Chloe? We triend to get the bigger guards, Whitney and Maddie. Both lost two years to injury and were never the same after their freshman years. Might be that Madi and Liz operate up front with someone like Chloe or Nydia while we rotate Ana, Shaina, Taylor, Gabby, and Tatum. That might be the best group in the conference in 2020-2021.
Didn't realize humor was one of your skill sets. But despite your attempt to do such I was not amused by your attempt, but I did chuckle for a different reason.
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