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Other than listing the facts, I have no real point or agenda. It is sometimes important to lay out the results.

I think it is foolish to make statements indicating things like Sherri doesn't like to recruit (no sane person does), can't develop players, got lazy, or a number of the other regular complaints. I certainly don't buy into it. Sherri is too much of a firebrand to have that happen. She was all about intensity.

We don't have the talent that we had when we had Courtney. Curiously, if you were to put Courtney with some other combinations, they might have worked out pretty well. It's Courtney that we lacked. A nightmare performance by Brooke Smith probably cost us a title in the most likely year we could have got one.

I've been through some of the reasons that OU doesn't have another Courtney. Some of you can't accept the reality that OU is what it is. We are not the ideal school for these players. We also didn't attract Wilt Chamberlain, although we thought we might have a shot at The Shaq at the time.

I don''t have answers as to the post-Courtney years. Neither do you. Sherri probably has the best idea. She says things are changing, and she is trying to change what/who she recruits. She seems to feel that she got burned in the evaluations of attitudes of Mulkey and Dungee (might have missed on Harden, too). So, she's looking at that.

I really like what I've seen of Shaina, Ana, Madison, and Tatum. I have hopes that we can at least have good backups with Taylor,, Mandy, Jessi, and Aspen. Sherri seems to think a lot of Nydia. With what we have, I would really like to have Nydia work out and have two other players of at least 6-3, maybe one more guard type. One good interior player to go with maybe one more good wing, and we have a team that may contend.

Frankly, I wasn't that impressed by what I saw last night. Neither of those teams were Connecticut.

We have yet to be in the Final Four in a year in which UConn didn't go undefeated. I'd like to win in one of their off years.
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