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Default Re: NBA- OU players and general (this thread only)

Originally Posted by BCSooners View Post
Trae Young’s season is over. Played very poorly in the series vs Miami.
Yeah, it's not even May and there are no more NBA Sooners to root for. I feel like I'm back in the 2000s decade. Trae completely lost confidence in his shot in this series. Perhaps the pressure of performing to the level of his play in last year's postseason got to him, I don't know. Come November, I hope we get back the Trae who had the best season on any NBA Sooner EVER.

After the pleasantly surprise year from Austin Reeves, we will again likely have 4 NBA Sooners to root for next year. After seeing his passion in the last two games against the Celtics, I don't get the impression Blake wants to retire just yet. However, as a fan, it's not fun seeing a box score from a 6-time All-Star that reads something like: "Blake Griffin - DNP Coach's Decision".
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