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Default Re: NBA- OU players and general (this thread only)

Originally Posted by skyvue View Post
The Dodgers sign superstar free agents virtually every off-season and none of those players come in for criticism. The Yankees do the same (though with less success of late than the Dodgers).
Baseball is a COMPLETELY different animal than basketball.

You will be hard pressed to find any okc fans that are still pissed that he left. It is the way he left. He drug the process out and led the THunder on until it was too late to recover. He also could have made sure the Thunder got something in return. Instead he went scortched earth.

And then add into the fact that the Thunder were up 3-1 vs one of the greatest teams of all time and ended up losing the series (not only because KD played poorly, but he was a big part of the collapse). And then to go this same team that just beat the's just weak. He valued getting an easy ring vs doing it the right way

I mean, all you have to do is go read nba legend's comments on his move.
His ring isn't worth anything
"But I know some of the qualities of the coach I would pick. Somebody that doesn't mind working, a coach that's going to bring a fresh mindset and help us all get better as basketball players as well as men. A coach that has all our best interests at heart."

-Romero Osby
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