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Default Re: Odessa juco commit

Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Danielle Adams Texas A&M
Shannon Bobbitt Tennessee
Sheryl Swoopes Texas Tech
All JC players who one a ncaa championship

Yolanda Griffith Florida Atlantic is a basketball legend

Adut Bulgak Florida St went on to play in the WNBA

Not a big list, but still a list... I noticed that Kam didnít make any JC teams, not a big deal, but when you add that to the list of JC players who have come to OU and it could be cause for worry...
This kind of makes the point. Doesn't it? You are going back to the pre-Big Twelve years to pick up Swoopes. How often does that happen any more?

If anything, a player is more likely to go from Nebraska to Notre Dame in a controversial move (immediate eligibility wasn't a foregone conclusion) or LSU to Baylor situation after the Duke to Baylor scoring guard transferred out again. Strange how these top transfers always seem to be pre-arranged. Now, we even see Westbrook to UConn, which is a bit disappointing. Eroding into men's basketball. But, you don't really see much in the way of JC.

I was curious when I saw the Odessa team announced. How do you get from South Carolina to Odessa? But, then, we saw others from Canada and Brazil---to Odessa? Does he have the world's best JC recruiting budget? Are these being recruited and stashed until they can qualify? But, did you really see a big player in the game that would have helped OU? I notice that one of the Odessa players signed with Memphis, and it says she was ranked as the #8 JC player in the nation??? Really? Did you see a #8 quality player on Lemon's team?

I strongly suspect that we may get some "help" from a JC player or transfer, but not a saving grace. You build, for the most part.
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