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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder

Spot on analysis, Bounce!

Donovan needs to go. He sounds really good in interviews, like he knows what heís doing. He is not nearly as impressive as a coach. As much as I despise KD for the way he left OKC, I now believe he was right when he trashed Billy D on Twitter not long ago. Donovan has had more all-stars and former all-stars on his roster as the Thunderís head coach than most NBA coaches have in their entire career, and he still canít get the job done.

I donít disagree that Carmelo may not be a good fit when he changes the tempo in games by going one on one, or that Russ hurts the team when he takes ďheroĒ shots from behind the arc late in the fourth quarter. Seems to me a good head coach would find a way to correct those flaws, as well as a number of others I could list. Roberson, for example, was definitely missed on defense. That still doesnít change the fact that he was a liability on offense. If I was the coach, I would super glue his sneakers to the free throw line and not let him move until he shot 500 or more free throws in practice every day. I think Billy D may be too much of a pushover to demand perfection from his players, especially the all-stars.

Is the problem a bad mesh of talent or a head coach who canít seem to pull the right strings no matter which players are on the team?
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