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Originally Posted by sybarite View Post
The only issue I have is nepotism. I don't like the use of Mike Stoops, Coltan Coale, or the two Gasso boys.
That finger needs to be pointed at Joe Castiglione. It all happens under his watch. You not only have the Mike Stoops, Colton and Gasso's but also women's gymnastics coach K.J. Kindler's husband Lou Ball is the assistant women's gymnastics coach and volleyball coach Lindsey Gray-Walton's husband Kyle Walton is the volunteer volleyball coach.

Nepotism as a public university is a terrible practice where personnel decisions must be made.

P.S. The list of universities I provided with comparable or lessor endowment funds would all be more than acceptable for my children to attend. Both of my children attended public universities, graduated with honors and have developed successful productive lives. Their only real failure was no grandchildren for me to spoil and send home.

And the world is still over your head. The private schools with their large endowments are chartered to educate a very small number of selective students not the general population mass. They also charge 3, 5 and 10 times the tuition dollars that many public institutions charge. They set entrance standard that only 1-5% student population can meet. Moreover the private schools don't have the legislature overlooking their shoulder at every financial decision. I wonder what annual endowment donations at Harvard would be if they knew the school was under the purview of the Massachusetts legislature.

Public and private higher education entities have different missions trying to compare them as though they should be equals is folly. But that is nothing new to you. You have always had difficulty distinguishing the difference in an apple and an orange.
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