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Default Re: Interesting Bryce Thompson

Originally Posted by MJSooner View Post
Agree 1000% and have said the same thing.

Prior to last season, he was barely over .500, a losing record in conference (finishing 6th, 9th, and 8th), and never sniffed the NCAA tournament. If it wasn't for hiring CC's brother and thereby signing him, he would have started 2020-21 on a very hot seat. He gets a lot of credit for recruiting, but either he is equally inept at coaching or can't evaluate talent very well, as once they get to Stillwater he does little with the talent ranking he signs.

Travis Ford and Shaka Smart may not have been great coaches either, but they lap Boynton when it comes to coaching. With the job Otzelberger is doing in year 1 at ISU, it would not be a stretch to say Boynton is probably the worst actual coach in the Big XII.

And he owes about every penny of his long-term deal last year to Cade Cunningham.
and to him being 5-4 against us. That's what matters most to osu is Beating us more than you lose to us
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