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Default Re: 3-point line extension and other rule changes

Originally Posted by globecode View Post
The interesting thing with this change to me is spacing. Especially since teams tend to gravitate their offense to the 3pt line. Starting and running sets based off the 3pt line.

With the line moving back 1.3 ft that means more spacing on the court. Man teams will tend to guard farther out. Zone teams will to cover more space. Being able to keep proper spacing will become more important IMO.

It would allow Doolittle more space to maneuver in the midpost, make it harder to hedge and return on a shooter like Manek.

LK's NBA experience has to help OU in this regard.
I think this is where we will see the biggest adjustments for certain teams. Specifically, teams that run a zone as their base defense (Cuse, Baylor, etc.) will now have now to account for shooters that are even more spaced out. Translation, all things being will likely get even more open looks against teams that play zone. And I'm not just talking about open 3s. The lane will be less congested and teams that have decent mid-range shooters can exploit this as well. This change has the potential to help a guy like Doolittle immensely.

The downside is that as you move the line back, you will see a slight downturn in shooting %.....making rebounding a bit more of a premium as well.
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