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Default Re: NBA- OU players and general (this thread only)

Originally Posted by WaymanFan View Post
Yes, this is the best it has been since the mid-90s when there were 6 OU guys - Tisdale, Blaylock, Grant, King, Price and Bowie. Actually, we had 7 guys one year ('94-'95) when Jeff Webster was on the Washington Wizards roster. Ricky Grace also had a couple of those "10-day contracts", but I couldn't remember when that was.
This is easily the best we've seen from OU players in the pros since 1992 or 93. 1991-92 Anthony Bowie averaged 15 points. Harvey Grant averaged 18.2 points 7 rebounds. Blaylock 13.8 points 6.8 assists. Really that was about what he did every year more or less. Tisdale was at 16.6 6.5 rebounds. But sadly it didn't really equate to Billy Tubbs recruiting around this time. Ryan Minor was really the only top player we had after Webster for Tubbs.
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