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Default Re: NBA- OU players and general (this thread only)

Originally Posted by jaymOU View Post
After watching him in HS, I said the same thing about college and then said the same thing about him with regards to the NBA. Kid is a freak.

Did you see the intimidation attempt by Wesley Matthews and Deandre Jordan prior to two late game FTs? Vince Carter stepped in between Trae and Matthews. Funny, Carter could be his dad and, sort of, acted like it there. Then Trae drained both FTs.

He is fun to watch. Sooner hoops needs to use the OU DNA social media the football uses. Be a good recruiting tool right now.
I wish a social media savvy guy would whip up some videos of our 3 stars. Really fun time for ou hoops in the nba! Hopefully we can get Harmon in the league too and hopefully a rando like Victor or someone
Same ol same ol
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