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Default Re: Best player in the history of the state

Originally Posted by Eielson View Post
Landry was good. Very good. In fact, I'd agree with you if you said that Landry was painfully underrated. I'm usually at the head of his fan club.

But you can't, in any way, claim that he had a better career than Baker Mayfield. You can't really make an argument about him having a better career than Sam or JW, either. You could make a case against Kyler, but I'm not sure I'd even accept that.
Nor did I ever imply that Landry was the best to ever sling it. Further I agreed that Landry was not the best. I did state that perhaps he could sling it better than you give him credit. Furthermore their is more to being a QB than just slinging it. It was the mental decisions that were Landry's primary shortcomings not how well he threw the ball.
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