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Default Re: Culture vs Winning

It's truly naive to think there is any chance SC will be fired - or threatened with firing - after this year. Just drop that hateful, silly talk.

But my real reason for posting is to refer to a couple of games I have watched tonight.

The first is OSU vs K State. Folks. these are really weak teams. That says a lot about us this year. If you defeat these teams, you have not accomplished anything marvelous. And we still could not run the tables on them.

The second game is Baylor vs W Virginia. Both played pretty poorly tonight, but the amount of fouling was incredible. And not much of it was called. I think about the way the officials went after Ana in our last game, and realize these two teams would have no one who would even be eligible for the 2nd half if they were officiated that same way. Cox is the dirtiest player I have ever watched. Throws her arms all over the place, hits opponents in the head and throat regularly, but most of it is ignored. I wonder why? Very strange.
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