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Default Re: Culture vs Winning

Originally Posted by SoonerinNC View Post
Does the OU womens basketball team really place culture ahead of winning? Some have said so. I simply don't know but Jan Ross's description of the point system is interesting. Wonder if all of the current team members have to approve a new recruit.

So if a certain culture is a driving force in the direction of the program, does it consist of hard work, self-improvement and mentoring of other players. Or is it a culture that values community service, trips to Hatii, and compatability with other team members.

Most of us know little or nothing about it. However, here are things to consider.

Chelsae Dungee is the leading scorer on the Arkansas team. 19.6 points and 4.5 rebounds a game. She has scored 25, 33, 18, 20, 41 points in her last 5 games. Yes she is below 40% shooting but so is Ana. Yes she has over 2 turnovers a game but only Taylor of our main players have less than 2 and the others are well over 2.

Nancy Mulkey is the second scoring leader on the Rice Owls basketball team which is ranked the 25th best team in the country. She has 12.8 points a game and 5.8 rebounds in 25 minutes of play.

Pellington, the reining Big 12 freshman of the year in 17-18 is contributing nothing after averaging 13.1 and 2.7 rebounds as a freshman.

Consider how we would look with Dungee, Mulkey, last year's version of Pellington along with Ana, Taylor, Maddie and Jessi.

So why is that not what we have. It has generally been accepted that Dungee and Mulkey wouldn't follow rules. Doesn't seem to be a problem this year. Or do we have the purist team in the country. Why has Pellington, a constant performer on the Canadian national team been unable to convert her skills to become a positive force in our program.

Is it that they don't fit the culture. And really what is the culture. We never hear of anyone working in the gym like Buddy and Isaih. Sherri has complained about leadership for year after year but seems to now be looking at Ana as a leader. Yet tonight Ana gets in early foul trouble and then when she is playing in the second half the team does poorer than in the first half without her. Don't get me wrong, Ana is one of my all time favorites in OU basketball but if she is to be a team leader she has to stay in the game and make her teammates better.

Whatever the criteria for the "point system"'s not working. Has never worked. It appears that the only thing that matters is SC's ideals fulfilled. It's sad to see what appears to be such hypocrisy. How can you care so much about people in Haiti without first caring about your seniors receiving recognition and acts of kindness on senior day? If the "culture" is Christian based (that's been assumed by some), then one would think that you would not have a "point system" outside of skill set for Big XII play, development potential and academic eligibility. And if all these players that were passed up are such hellions, how is it that they experience success on the court, in the community (most every program has community service projects) and in the classroom when they attend elsewhere? Furthermore, if they don't meet ones moral standards, but are passionate about the game and their grades...wouldn't they be prime candidates for recruiting, signing and mentoring? It's one thing to talk Christianity and "community service" when the cameras are not rolling...and living it to the point where your words align with your actions.
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