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Default Re: Season Stats - Interesting Information

We have some slow players but Ana, Pellington, Tatum, Maddi and Jessi are not slow and are pretty athletic. Tatum probably the slowest of the group. Lampkin looks pretty athletic but has a way to go to develop sufficient skills.

Robertson is not fast but has as much basketball IQ as any freshman we have had.

I think we have two major problems.

1) Maddie is not typical of the inside player of the future. Plenty of tall players around. Not Kelani Brown tall but tall. One of Oregon's best players is a 6-4 wing and her sister who will debut next year is 6-5. Now I see a 6-1 height for Simpson. Can't compete with both an under sized 4 and 5.

2) I believe our half court offense is not as effective as that of the better teams. We do not get near as many open shots and this leads to a lot of forced shots, turnovers and shots well behind the arc. We have had a fair number of players who are supposed to be great 3 point shooters who have had a hard time getting open shots. We have had few that had a good mid range shot. DRob an exception.

With the possible exception of DRob and probably Stacy Dales we have never had a guard or wing who was great at the drive and dish. Maddie Manning did on occasion but a lot of turnovers too. We have had some pretty good centers but I don't remember many that were good at finding the open player when doubled or triple teamed. We get a lot of blocked shots (8 in two games in a row lately), many of them on forced shots and that probably leads to players hearing footsteps when they miss an open layup.

We are pretty good in the open court and on fast breaks but we have to get a lot more rebounds to feed a fast break. Also our opponents seem to play to stop our fast break. We probably get more on turnovers than on defensive rebounds.

If Bloom doesn't contribute big next year we have the same problems. We now have four outside players who I believe can play and adding Gregory will give us five short of someone transfering out. One or more of those five will probably not get the playing time they want.

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