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Default Re: Sooners part ways with guard Shaina Pellington

Originally Posted by sybarite View Post
What does he know!!!!!!

Something he said reminded me of some of my daughter's experiences.

After games, kids would invariably come up to their middle school coach and ask, "How many points did I score?" He would look at his stat sheet and say, you hit xx% of your shots. He never told them how many points they scored. He cared more about the percentage.

By the time those girls got to high school. they didn't care about how many points they scored. They cared about taking good shots and hitting a good percentage. Hitting 2 of 4 was better than hitting 2 of 10.

In high school, they played with girls who didn't care about anything but how many points they scored. As long as they played well, they didn't care about the outcome of the game. It was a thoroughly miserable experience for the rest of the team.
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