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Default Re: And this is why we lost...

I will not be suprised if we miss the NCAA. Hope we make it but the West Virginia loss really hurt.

Our biggest problem was that they killed us with offensive rebounds and second chance points. I didn't see their Tech game but they were doing the same to Kansas early in the game but maybe a few whistles cut down their agression on the boards as the game went on. Kansas can get those whistles but we don't seem to.

Our weakness this year was our senior class. All but Odomes deteriorated from their early season play and Odomes had more so-so games than good ones.

The best news for next year is that the three players who improved this year will be back. Doolittlel, Manek and Bieniemy. Manek did not rebound well in the West Virginia game buy by and large was much improved there this season. Also I felt his defense was pretty good away from the hoop. He did have a problem letting the opponent bigs get too deep inside. Freeman was also better this year but still not really good enough to be a consistent contributor.
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