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Originally Posted by skyvue View Post
Here are some actual actual facts for you:

Got Better (total of six categories)
Points per game, FTs per game, FT percentage, rebounds, steals, assists

Stayed the Same (four categories)
FGs per game, 3pt FGs per game, turnovers, blocks

Got Worse (two categories)
FG% (47% in 2018, 46% in 2019), 3pt FG% (38%/35%)

And it shouldn't be overlooked that he was asked to play a very different role this season than last. He was brought in as a stretch four but was asked to be a more traditional four this season.
Turnovers “stayed the same”? They actually doubled.

He was virtually the same player in the Per 100 stats. Little better rebounder, a little worse with the ball.

Hope he takes a leap in year 3.
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