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We had 10 hits tonight every starter got a base hit except for Erin Miller. Romero and Self had two. This game was lost by the defense. I think Patty stuck with Kelsey because she got two stike outs to start the second after hitting the first batter. But in hindsight should have pulled her after the Jordan HR.

With not throwing Parker at the start of the 3rd or 4th with a two run lead tells me Paige is really tired. Which is to be expected. Hope she has her strength tomorrow night. Unfortunately Auburn now has the momentum going into tomorrow's game.

Also Auburn scored 11 consecutive unanswered runs and that is not the level OU has played at all season. Normally the get back runs allowed in an inning or two. We did not score 3rd through the 8th, 6 innings. Last experienced that kind of drought against Bama March 19, when Osorio no hit us for 6 innings before Romero's single and Knighten's walk off HR.

We have made several outstanding defensive plays but have also made 4 errors in the WCWS after making only 23 for the season. Three (Parker's throw, Miller's throw and Clifton's muff) cost us 3 runs. Self was not given an error for he muff on the fly ball. We need to be error tomorrow night to win.
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