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Default Re: Corbin Merritt - The Mystery

Originally Posted by usedtobe1 View Post
I'll be honest and say I don't expect much from Merritt. He played in only 5 games as a freshman..... I think maybe he was hurt. He was buried deep on the bench of Daytona State last year and didn't play that much although he appeared in 30 games. He averaged 4.7 points and 4.1 rebounds in about 14 minutes per game. He shot about 51% from the field (mostly dunks) and 51% from the foul line. He also shot only 15.8% from 3 point range.

I was surprised OU recruited him. His offer list wasn't very impressive at all. ou mentioned his competition in the post include Doo, Manek, Kuath, and Victor. Heck, he also has to contend with Garang and Issanza. That's 7 post players..... I con't imagine him in the top 4 of that list. Just my humble opinion.....
Oh I thought he only played 5 games at Daytona, ever. But you are saying he played in 30 games.
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