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Default All things Blake Griffin thread Rookie Year edition

Some highlights of articles mentioning Blake encase anyone wishes to keep up with Blake.
(Blake Griffin updates will be posted in this thread)

Griffin in perfect health for 2nd rookie year

"I guess I'm still considered a rookie, but last year was very valuable," Griffin said Monday before the club officially began training camp. "I don't think the guys realize I'm still a rookie. They haven't made me do any of the rookie hazing yet. If we could not tell them, that would be great."

"You don't understand what it was like for him sitting out," said Kaman, who has been working out in Playa Vista nearly nonstop since July 17. "This guy's work ethic the only other guy who works like that is Elton Brand. They had to tell (Griffin) to slow it down, or he would have run himself into the ground.
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If I run across some more Blake updates I'll post them.


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