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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
The thing about the other board is people can feel free to have there own opinions without getting ganged up on....

this is the second time, maybe even the 3rd that Sweetest has targeted me for something I've said. She's the only person on here, for some reason, that attacks me. Maybe she's related to Syb... And I've not even been has heated as some of the other posters. I've disagreed with some of the condescending and snarky comments Syb has posted, but disagree is the most I've done. I don't experience this targeting on the other board whatsoever. Coming from someone with the name 'sweetest' it's quite surprising that she's the rudest meanest person here on here to me. I want to be very clear, I'm a big OU women's basketball fan and I just want them to improve. I think the several seasons SC has had to produce a good team are plenty and she should not be given very many more opportunities from this point on, I'm allowed to voice my opinion, as are others. Stop the bullying Sweetest, we can agree to disagree without getting personal here.

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