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Originally Posted by SoonerMGB56 View Post
Shelby was great. Range ok, arm exceptional.

Casey was strong.

But all indications are that Romero and Knighten are at least their equals in fielding. Whomever plays SS may not have quite the arm strength the first year, but possibly better range.

Not sure why you think we'll drop off defensively. Arnold was incredible from day one. She had ONE error on the year, and that was in the NCAA's. Romero and Knighten have just as strong ratings defensively.

Not sure whom we'll replace Lauren with. Could drop off there.

Plus or minus, we'll likely be about the same defensively.

Offensively, that's another issue. Shelby and Lauren hit 47 home runs. We'll not get anywhere near that from their replacements, nor will we get enough increase from returning starters to offset the differences. I suspect a 20 HR drop, at least.

We may come close to matching the team average, but this team set the OU and big 12 record for team batting. The newbies have the pedigrees to hit for average, but likely still a drop-off.

It's pitching where I would hope to improve. Finney has a pitching pedigree up there with the best we've ever had. Chestnut strong as well. And I don't know why everyone seems to want to write Kelsey off. She had 38 wins in 2014. U La La had a pitcher have a down year like Kelsey that came back last year to be their ace. No reason Kelsey can't come back, and truthfully, she was making progress at season's end, just not all the way. I could forsee a staff where Patty used as many as four pitchers, regularly. And successfully.

Bottom line is Gasso and the staff are as good as any, and I expect another run towards the WCWS. Baylor and Tejas probably see next year as an opportunity to end the Sooner's B12 title run, but I expect them to be disappointed.

The team will be different, but plus or minus, just as good as we've seen the last four or five years.
Excellent first post! That is very similar to my evaluations. Shelby was OK to good as far as range. Her arm was about as strong as any that I have seen, and that is probably more important at shortstop. She was becoming as good as some see her as having been. She was a superb first-year shortstop.

I think Patti has Kylie Lundberg penciled in as Lauren's replacement. That's a lot to expect. But, she expects power from Lundberg, and she will probably start at first. I don't know if she will have the consistency. I get the impression that she could be 300 with 15 home runs as a freshman.

Arnold was our best defender. She made some plays that were remarkable. We had trouble very early in the year fielding bunts until Arnold was taught to cover Paige by charging so hard. Paige was weak on bunts.

I don't expect a 380 average. But, then, we didn't hit 380 in playoffs this year either.
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