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For the most part, you don't want to hit the rise ball. It is usually outside the strike zone which is the problem. You are two inches under the ball. If you do hit a ball that high, it is difficult to get on top of it. Most likely, you will pop out. The pitcher counts on you swinging at a non-strike. Some rise balls are ineffective. They aren't high enough or don't give the impression that they are that high. They have to be able to trick your mind.

When you watch hitters who see a good rise ball fairly often, which we don't, they simply let it sail out of the zone. It forces the pitcher to throw into the zone, and that often makes them very vulnerable. You see teams explode against rise ball pitchers because they force the ball down. Of course, an umpire can call a rise a strike when it isn't. But, it is usually the hitter who is making the mistake. It doesn't actually rise.
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