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Default Re: Great Ticket Deals Available

Originally Posted by tmeyer3307 View Post
Living in the Wichita area just makes it tough to travel to more than 2-3 games a season. I wonder if I called and asked for like a 3 game mini package if they would work with me.

I planned on making it for 1-2 games for sure in Norman. The game in Wichita and possibly the KC games.
FWIW, being in the same boat, I have found it is often cheaper to use StubHub or buy individual game tickets through the ticket office when you are sure which game(s) you can attend. For every game other than KU, you can find very good deals (for good seats) on StubHub, and a lot of times, the athletic department offers flash sales or other good deals as it gets closer to game day. Also, I looked the other day and tickets for the KC tourney are VERY cheap on StubHub -- about 50% face value. Between that tourney and the game in Wichita (plus the annual Lawrence and Manhattan trips), this is a good year for Sooner fans in Kansas!
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