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I doubt the SSTV game will be FSOK. At least not live. I know in previous years these SSTV games has run a few hours later on FSOK but that is not something that would be known until much closer to the game.

Big 12 Now is part of ESPN+. Get ready because more and more games will be going to ESPN+.

OU is immune to ESPN+ in football (as well as TX) for now. But all other B12 schools will have at least one football game on ESPN+ for the foreseeable future.

ESPN+ is the streaming side of ESPN. It costs $4.99 a month. Depending on what sports you like it could be worth it. There is a lot of UFC on there. The good news is that it is month to month. So you can sign up watch what you want to watch and cancel without paying for months you don't want.

Also, November 12, Disney+ will launch. At that time they are going to do a bundle subscription of Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ for 12.99. If you are a parent or really into the Disney content (Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc...) it seems like a good deal.
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