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Default Re: Culture vs Winning

Originally Posted by SoonerSpock View Post
Dungee's issues at OU were off the court which is her history. It has been reported she did not want anyone having a say regarding what she did on her own private time off the court.
This is what has been alleged. Probably about as accurate as we will get.

We never really know. Sometimes, we see posts of rumors about why someone has left or might leave. I don't remember any member of the women's basketball program making any comment about any player who had left. I don't remember a lot of players who have made very clear statements. I have seen thoughts about why Harden, Dungee, and Mulkey left. I don't remember Sherri making a single comment about any of them, including Jenna Plumley. I think she was involved in helping Jenna transfer. We did see a story by Kornet, which was not really unfavorable. I have seen other boards post comments on why Dungee and Mulkey left. I get the impression that Mulkey was more involved with her personal life.

I don't think we have a clue.

I also don't think we have a clue as to the specifics of the culture. A lot of supposition revolves around religion, in both the basketball and softball program. I have seen absolutely nothing to verify that. If I believed that there were religious requirements in either program, I would be demanding their dismissal from the university in any capacity.

For the most part, I regard all of these supposed problems with how they run the program as a bit of a message board stage play. Coach A demands that all recruits be vegetarians until they have attained a starter's role. Coach B demands that daily prayer meetings be attended,, or you are not allowed to practice with the team. I can't verify that these rules actually exist. But, then, none of the rules described have any firmer basis in fact. We simply don't know. It does result in some strawman situations for which there are constant attacks. But, it is only straw.
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