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Great points, all. And welcome to the board, SoonerMGB.

In my opinion, what makes Shelby a great shorstop (she's also great at third and even at second) is not just her range or her arm. It's more about her great hands and the way she's able to react to bad hops and in-between hops and field balls that would get past many players. That kind of hand-eye coordination is rare and displayed by only the very elite players.

Also, tycat's comment about the significance of losing team leadership Lauren, Shelby, Georgia, et al can't be overlooked.

All in all, I do agree that the talent that's arriving in Norman is elite and potentially more than sufficient to offset the loss of our departing seniors. I can only hope, like someone else stated, that this young team will gel Sooner, rather than later. With Gasso pulling the strings and pushing the buttons, these Sooners should remain formidable and hopefully will return to the CWS after a flukey one-year absence.
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