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Originally Posted by Delta Sooner View Post
No replacement for Pendley at shortstop but I think the other two we can have similar play at those positions.
Originally Posted by sybarite View Post
I think Knighten and Romero are supposed to be among the best middle infielder prospects ever. I figure short and second are covered. Romero may only hit 65 home runs instead of 86.
Agree with upper quote. No one could possibly replace Shelby Pendley at short. She was (still is) only the best defensive middle infielder I've ever seen.

And sybarite, if you're right about Knighten and Romero, that's great. It will, at least, soften the blow of losing the best infielder ever.

By the way, did any of you see Shelby open last night's game with a homer to centerfield? That girl is on fire.
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