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It's not likely that we will again see the likes of Lauren Chamberlin, ever. Pendly never hit especially well in the playoffs but is tearing it up in the pros already. Has there ever been a class anywhere with two such as Lauren and Shelby? According to the ratings, Gasso has reloaded big-time with the incoming class. I'm especially anxious to see what those two pitchers can do. If Stevens gets her mojo back, will one redshirt? Two? Will Paige develop another pitch to go with her repetoir? 10 years ago women's sports was nowhere except for basketball. Now look. Cant wait for next season.
I think we will have some great hitters next year. I don't think there will be much drop off - shoot Brittany Finney (the pitcher) hit 38 homers in HS - the Kansas State Record. There is no doubt that Sydney Romero is the real deal - she is currently SS on the USA Junior National Team. I think what you will see next year is a young and hungry talented softball team.

I doubt Stevens will be in the mix next year. You could tell the lack of confidence that Gasso had in her final interviews about the season. It will be all about Paige, Finney, and Chestnut. The biggest change with Paige will be increased velocity with control. They slowed her down to 65 mph this year for control - I expect she will be humming at 68-70. Don't be surprised to see the cropduster show up.
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