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Default Re: New softball thread

I think the biggest difference in softball and basketball is in softball if the pitcher can't throw strikes the whole team is in a world of hurt. They have to be able to keep runners off the bases and can't give up the big hits on a consistent basis. That seems to be a problem for Stevens right now. In basketball you have 4 other players on the court that can handle the scoring at any given time. This is just my opinion but having coached both sports it's really hard when your pitcher is struggling. My guess is it's mechanics and I'm sure knowing Melissa they are working hard on that. Fortunately Parker is doing pretty good considering she's a freshman. Watched some of the first game against LSU and I thought she looked good. Worked herself out of some jams. Just didn't get run production. Didn't see the second game so not sure what happened there. But we all know that Parker has to have help. She can't do it all for the rest of the season.
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