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Default Re: Exhibition vs Rogers State 2pm 10/31

This starting five is exactly the five I predicted on the other board. Although it really doesn't matter who starts because JB subbed players in within the first minute or two.

My initial thoughts:
Really impressed with Lampkin who seems to have done some work in the off season in regards to her positioning and confidence. Svboda and Scott both looked good as well. Williams and Robertson were consistent, and while they haven't scored a ton just yet they looked to have improved since last year. The most impressive player for me so far has been Ana. She's scored 12 or so with about 3-4 steals to go with that. Washington and Tot both look jet quick out there, but I do think Washington has the slight advantage in athleticism and skill on both sides of the ball. Perkins finally got in in the last minute of the first half, and to be honest she looks a little slow and less athletic than I expected. White has not played yet nor has Moser. I'm assuming both freshmen will need some time to adjust to the speed of college ball.
Overall this team should definitely be better than last season, as they appear to be much more athletic, faster, and grittier defensively. I would not be surprised if they were able to win 20+ games. We'll see how I feel after a few more games, fingers crossed!!
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