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I'd argue that if Doolittle is the "best player on the floor", we're in trouble. His game has a ceiling, IMO. We need a couple of the guards to step up and be our best players. Maybe the two new guys will be better than I'm expecting. James is solid, but I'm not sold that he can really be "the guy" on a good OU team.
Agreed. Didn’t we hear the same think last summer when Doolittle was working out at a local high school? I think we’ll see a better, more committed player this season. But the best player on the team? Not likely.

James or Manek, or McNeace if he develops a mean streak in the off season, would be my guess. IMO, Jamuni has the most talent and the biggest upside. I think his lack of aggressiveness and passive demeanor on the court may be the only things standing in his way to becoming a potential high draft pick.
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