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The restrictions of the scholarship limitation in softball (12 scholarships) really tells you how badly these girls coming from California, Texas and elsewhere really want to play for Patty. And how well Patty performs her job from a recruiting perspective.

By state law a girl from California, Texas or any other state that gets a half scholarship must pay out-of-state tuition for the balance of her scholarship. Per the link below the total cost of attendance at OU for out-of-state players is approximately $41,630 and $27,308 for in-state players. That means the player/families must come up with approximately $20,800 for out-of-state and $13,500 for in-state cost not covered by the scholarship.

UT in-state costs are approximately $26,626. So a Texas girl going to OU instead of UT is out an additional $7,500 ($41,630-$26,626/2= $7,502) out of pocket annually for going to OU instead of Texas. That is $30,000 over 4 years just to play for the Sooners. Wow!!!

UCLA in-state costs are approximately $31,900 so the California gals are paying an additional $4,865 annually and $19,460 for 4 years to go to OU.

The above numbers for Texas makes it easy to understand why Patty has historically had difficulty recruiting top Texas talent to Norman. Not many families have an additional $30,000 to spend on their daughter's education despite most softball players traditionally coming from financially sound families as indicated by the cost to play summer travel ball.
I guarantee you that virtually every player from out of state on the OU softball team have scholarships above .50 and some have full scholarships. I doubt any Oklahoma player has a full scholarship. They can also combine financial aid help with scholarships to make due.

I also think Patty could go to Texas any time she wanted but she had greater options in California where softball is king. Mendez was a tremendous find.
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