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Default Re: A Few Thoughts - Moving Forward

If it was just continuing recruiting/talent issues. I'd say Sherri should be given time for the influx of better players to aggregate and then in a year when the best 7 are upperclassman then judge her on that team making a run.
But things have completely collapsed on the court This team is a mess. It's bleeding all over the place and there's no triage occurring at all.
Sherri appears from all results clueless in how to fix it. Nothing she has tried has worked.
It's like I'm watching Mike Stoops coaching women's hoops.
The hire of Colton showed incredibly bad judgement. That was her LR moment,
and she hired another Stoops Brother.
Team chemistry is a disaster. The lineup has not stabilized all season long.
The year over year improvement from players is non existent.
These are all things that Sherri usually was great at. How many times did she
rally the second half of the season and drive the squad into the NCAAs.
Shaina's descent into irrelevance is shocking. Maddening. Extremely worrisome.
Ana's injury certainly has played a role early in the year, but it should not have led
to this level of embarrassment.

I'd love to see Sherri fix this. But it's gone too far. Too quickly. We've reached
coup d'etat phase in terms of crisis of confidence.
We need new leadership new energy, new ideas, and someone better able to relate to a wider, diverse group of recruit and players.
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