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Originally Posted by AdaSooner View Post
Youíve got your opinion of the last three seasons, Iíve got mine. Nice to know you were satisfied with what I called, mediocrity!

I made it clear that I am not only pleased but Iím optimistic about the players weíve got coming back, as well as our 2019 recruiting class. You obviously missed that part or you chose to ignore what I had to say.

I stand by my assessment of the seasons following our Final Four run. OU should be competing for conference titles, not finishing with a losing record in Big 12 play. Our best finish was sixth during those seasons. I donít think Iím the only one who was less than satisfied with the way those seasons turned out.
I care making the NCAA tournament and winning games once there.

Obviously, it's easier to do both if you play well in the regular season. I'll agree we've been, generally, mediocre during conference play.

If I look at the big picture, however, I see six NCAA's in seven seasons with a winning record in the tournament.

Can things improve? Absolutely and I hope they do, but let's quit acting like these are the dark days of OU basketball.
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