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Originally Posted by Sooner81 View Post
Again, TCU coach makes changes at half and Sherri does NOTHING. What a joke for a coaching staff, and Sherri USED to be really good but truly sucks now - that’s just a fact.

How many wild layups can we throw up and how many easy layups can we give up?
Hmmmm...I'd have to disagree with the part about SC "USED to be really good"...if you're referring to coaching. Fundraising, yes and that wasn't too hard when you lucked up on top 5 players. She has never been able to strategically adjust, make wise choices about match ups or sensible rotation. Or recruit.

You see "wild layups" from frustration, lack of skill/development, inability to adjust (because the coach does not know how to implement adjustments) and from players who are really not Big XII/major Div. I players, not to mention there are no match ups for the size they face in the post.

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