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Originally Posted by pnkranger View Post
Some of it was surely to find a rhythm for Tanner Groves. His scoring is going to be crucial for us, so I'm sure that was at the heart of some of it.

The other part is that he wasn't very crisp defensively/rebounding-wise. Getting pushed around by the big guy and out-jumped by the slimmer 4s/5s. Screens were off -- not making good contact, not sealing to catch passes, etc.

I think you'll see more of him when we figure out how best to use him.
I think Chargois’ lack of playing time was a combination of trying to get T Groves more involved in our offense and a 6’ 8” 275 giant of a man named Larry Owens.

Tanner was assigned to defend Owens because he was the closest player we had to him in size. Chargois had no chance against Owens, but I doubt if we see another player as big as him. He was an immovable space eater when he posted up inside. And, as you said, we were getting pushed around, with “Big Larry” doing most of the pushing.
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