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Default Re: OU at Kansas: 7 p.m. tonight

We were up by 7 and within a matter of I believe the last 50 seconds Kansas has come back to within two points. We are just so bad about turning the ball over consecutively. It's like the girls haven't been coached how to actually set up a play! they dribble the ball down the court, deep into the middle of nowhere and then look for an open player... every single time. I could coach this kind of play! I would do it for far less than 1.4 million a year too!!

Murcer - very sloppy ball-handler, especially for a point guard.
Llanusa - doesn't seem to have developed her game at all since last season.
Simpson - same slow unathletic player as always. At least she's dependable!
Pellington - inconsistent as always. A spark of light for us so far in the first half offensively, even has hit a 3-pointer.
The rest of the players have fouled way too much to tell.
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