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Default Re: University of Mo. football players

I'm not sure that the driving force behind this had been revealed in early releases. Apparently, there were several things operating in conjunction: several incidents involving racism, an austerity program that hit at the benefits available to the students and faculty, and possibly a political removal of Planned Parenthood from the infirmary.

It turns out that there have been protests for some time. culminating in a rather recent hunger strike that became the focus of it all. Students and faculty had been protesting the president's austerity program prior to this. Now, the football team became involved. In this regard, there is some similarity to the OU S&E thing since the football team became involved in it.

But, this wasn't only the football team or a few players. Apparently, all black athletes were on board, and the white colleagues and coaches were on board. Ultimately, you had a university president surrounded by a lot of people who had not appreciated his austerity programs or his lack of response to the racial incidents.

The idea of dismissing the black football players is folly. If Missouri became known as the school that didn't support its black athletes, their entire sports department might as well close its doors. No recruiting. There had to be some sort of response.

The irony is that it is probable that the people most likely behind the austerity program were probably the same ones who did not want the football program destroyed. The toy soldiers suddenly had control.

Yes. It does set a precedent. It is irony that they ignored the academicians at a university, but responded to a sports program. Next?
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