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Default Re: March Madness and Covid-19

I agree with Steve, this is a big deal. Those who want to claim it is not that deadly or contagious and it is all liberal media hype are not paying attention. Yes, it is more deadly if you are old, but all ages are contracting it at a very rapid rate-2-3 X more contagious than the flu. Yes, you still have a 97% chance of surviving it if you contract it but the ones who are warning about it are doctors and health organizations. It has crashed markets, potentially caused a global recession, or at minimum definitely a slowdown, caused shortage of medical supplies, halted non-essential travel and practically shut down the travel industry. As someone that works in the investment arena, it is a big deal.

Yet many want to claim it's just hype and fear-mongering.

As it relates to sporting events, Washington may be an issue. There was a vendor at the MLS/XFL arena that has contracted it and now they are trying to determine who came in contact with this person. Since it spreads to 2-3 people, who knows how many may get it from that game. The NBA and NHL has basically told their athletes to halt all fan interaction, like high-fives or even consider autographs. By the time March Madness hits, I can see some places doing voluntary confinements or do what Europe did by prohibiting spectators at soccer games. And Steve is right, the reason it has slowed in China is because they basically shut down entire cities of millions of people.

I can see basketball games in the NCAA or certain NBA cities played in front of crowds like an OU women's game.
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