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Default Re: March Madness and Covid-19

Originally Posted by BoulderSooner View Post
Mortality rates so far have been in the 2-3% range which is at least 200 times more deadly than seasonal flu. But even at low mortality, if it spread to millions of people, which is likely, you're talking about thousands of deaths.

And the virus has likely mutated, it appears to be more aggressive now than when it first started spreading in Wuhan.

The point of all this being, it's not likely that the government is going to want thousands of people inside a small arena in a virus hot zone.

Even in the "case study" that guy cited, the Princess Cruise ship, his calculated mortality rate of 0.85% is still more than 8 times the mortality of seasonal flu. (Also, that's a completely anecdotal case he cited, so it's not scientific)

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